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At BMC Equip, we don’t just believe what we’re told when it comes to the products we recommend to our clients. We need to see for ourselves!

To achieve this, we’ve evaluated each of our products down to their component parts and tested all sorts of usability factors and even worked with the manufacturers to highlight areas of improvement, which have subsequently been built into future models.

The result is that our in-depth knowledge of these products, our rigorous testing by our experienced workshop and our ongoing commitment to product development and improvement means that we only recommend products we know will do the job, will be easy to maintain, will be reliable and have a long life.

You can view our recommended list of products here. If you have any questions or would like
more information about any of the products listed, please contact our experienced team




New Generation products – Epson Business Inkjet

What if you could fulfil the needs of your business, save time, money and the planet all by making a change in your current business behaviour. Too good to be true, not at all read on…

The trusty old laser printer in its many sizes and guises has long served home and business users well. Its comparatively cheap to purchase, flexible and well-established as a product, but there was always that nagging concern about its sustainability, especially where it was often cheaper to buy a new one than change the toner, and drum.

-Ecology – Up to 94% less waste

-Cost Efficiency – Up to 95% less power consumption

-Productivity – less stop, more go with faster sprint speeds


We truly believe in the power of these printers to transform your business into the cost-effective, efficient, socially responsible business we and all our customers demand.

When you next need to change your printer fleet consider Epson BI from BMC Equip to save money, time and waste.

Drive corporate social responsibility and meet client expectations in a fast, efficient way. Make the switch to Business Inkjet today.


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