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Is Business Inkjet the answer to inefficient IT peripherals?

Arguably the end of the traditional laser printer comes a step closer with new technical innovations in high volume, energy efficient inkjet printers. Once the domain of the home office the all-in-one inkjet fulfilled a useful but limited roll due, in the main to its high cost per page and limited capacity cartridge systems. Despite attempts to increase the cartridge size the inkjet has stubbornly remained in that home space, that is until now. Enter stage left Epson’s new Business Inkjets with high volume ultra-fast printing and some remarkable technology and resultant benefits, more on which a bit later.

Let’s not rain on the Laser printers parade it has offered a remarkably low-cost entry point to both Mono and colour printing in very compact machines and has done this with aplomb. However, the Laser does have some hidden issues beyond that cheap upfront cost. Chiefly it is a power junky, gulping huge slugs of electricity to heat up and print even a single page, it also does that very slowly compared to the inkjet. Still, while its churning out page after page all is well (unless you count the kilowatt hours its clocking up) surpassing the numerous cartridge changes in the old inkjet, but like all things eventually it runs out of toner. Here you face a dilemma as often the toner isn’t much cheaper to purchase than the whole printer and is a whole lot more still if a drum and/or fuser is required. Many opt to chuck it out at this stage and buy a new printer with a crisp warranty and some shiny new features, understandable but not very sustainable or environmentally friendly!

Epson, no doubt realising that there was an opportunity here have been quietly beavering away at addressing the shortcomings of existing inkjets and have come up with an intriguing proposition. Now I’m told it’s all been made possible by a piezo electric quartz crystal that oscillates at 1 billion times or so a second regulating ink flow or something similar. Not being technical or having the attention span to fully understand it I can’t comment. Add to this new large ink cartridges and bags that can print 4,000, 10,000 or even 84,000 pages without refilling and Lasers begin to look increasingly obsolete.

As if power savings of some 80-95% over a traditional laser weren’t enough; the ease of use, lack of heat, reduced noise and the significant reduction in consumable packaging bring real tangible benefits both in cost savings and in helping to support ethical polices*

• Ecology – Up to 94% less waste
• Cost Efficiency – Up to 95% less power consumption
• Productivity – less stop, more go with faster sprint speeds

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