What is the offering?

BMC Equip is a new division of the Barron McCann Group, providing highly experienced consultancy, hardware advice and physical supply of IT hardware. Remaining totally agnostic, BMC Equip is not tied to any one manufacturer. As a result, we have hand-picked only the best in breed solutions, all sourced with your specific requirements in mind. Through BMC Equip, hardware can also be built entirely to spec, giving retailers total confidence that your end solution will be completely fit for purpose – a bespoke service, enabled through partnership.  Supported by the Barron McCann Group’s unrivalled pan-European reach, high tech warehouse facilities and dedicated in-house maintenance services, BMC Equip can provide retailers and hospitality companies with a complete service and supply solution, delivered by a group that have been supporting retailers for over 40 years.

Who is it for?

BMC Equip isn’t for everyone. The service is primarily aimed at those responsible for the roll-out of large scale hardware programmes, typically overseeing the purchase, development and deployment of 100+ units across their estate. Large-scale hardware programmes have very specific requirements, mistakes can be costly, and there’s no room for error. BMC Equip is perfectly positioned alongside its sister companies in the Barron McCann Group to help ease the burden and uncertainty that so often comes with projects of this nature. BMC Equip will be your consultancy partner, providing as little or as much support needed to ensure your project not only runs on time and to budget, but most importantly delivers exactly the right hardware solution to drive forward business growth.

Why has it come about?

For over 40 years, Barron McCann has been delivering quality-focused, cost-effective IT services to retailers throughout the UK and Europe. It currently supports more than 56,000 POS and associated systems within 12,000 locations across 16 countries. With major retailers relying on Barron McCann’s expertise to assist with not only ongoing break-fix maintenance but with often large-scale deployments such as new store rollouts and upgrades, Barron McCann could only provide an advisory service when it came to the actual hardware selection and purchase. Often, when advice wasn’t followed, retailers experienced issues with purchasing equipment that was not fit for purpose, did not integrate with their existing software, or had high instances of failure and long repair times. The development of BMC Equip is a natural progression for the Barron McCann Group, to help further support existing customers with a more structured and tailor-made approach to hardware sourcing and supply. In addition, BMC Equip allows Companies who are not currently service customers of Barron McCann to have the same access to expertise and industry best practice, through a straightforward hardware procurement route.

What is the competition?

If we consider the tailor-made approach provided to sourcing and supplying hardware, we believe there is currently no direct competitor for BMC Equip. There are many alternative services and solutions out there, but none which cover all the key touch points that the BMC Equip proposition is able to, thanks to its close association with the Barron McCann Group of companies.

Who is behind it?

BMC Equip is part of the Barron McCann Holdings Group of companies which is led by owner and Chief Executive Alan Watson.   BMC Equip is headed up by Rob Griffiths, former Head of PIDS for Barron McCann, who has over three decades of retail experience. After spending 15 years within Retail Operations and Store Development roles, Rob transitioned into IT, initially as a Change Manager before moving into wider project management and estate management roles. He then went on to spend a further 15 years in a variety of IT-related roles, culminating in his position at Barron McCann as Head of PIDS. With a solid ‘end to end’ understanding of life cycles from the business case up to and beyond final delivery, his new role as Divisional Manager, at BMC Equip will enable Rob to support retailers in making smarter, more effective hardware procurement decisions.

What we offer

Tested and Tested

Exhaustive testing and continual design improvements are fed back into the production process

Full Lifecycle Management

From procurement through project planning deployment and lifetime support, we handle it all

Global Reach

Leveraging Global Manufacturing capabilities


We constantly push our suppliers to improve the existing whilst designing the next generation

Hardware Customisation

Design and develop bespoke hardware for your specific business requirements

Commercial Fit

Design a model that meets the commercial realities of your business

Break the Mould

Insights from an on-site maintainer on what equipment is resilient


No agenda to sell one company's hardware


Working with clients to design, evaluate and specify total IT hardware requirements

Compelling reasons to consider BMC Equip for your next hardware project.

We won't just sell you a till

Start a Conversation

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Questions & Answers

I’m looking at upgrading my POS estate and I’m not sure anything matches exactly what I’m looking for either functionally or aesthetically. Can you help?

This is often a problem, many POS ranges are driven by manufacturers reacting to a perceived requirement be that functionality or appearance so the standard range on offer won’t always tick all the boxes. BMC Equip can assist by guiding you through your requirements and finding the best match. If this doesn’t currently exist, we can work with you to design and manufacture a specific unit that meets your requirements and even take you to the factory to see the design and manufacture process for yourselves.

I’m dealing with multiple suppliers who don’t work well together. How can I change this?

The Barron McCann Group can assist with all elements of IT deployment and take a consultative approach. We won’t try and force you down a route that doesn’t meet your long-term needs. Whether its specifying hardware, planning deployments or addressing your support requirements, we offer a flexible, agnostic, one-stop shop rather than the narrower branded manufacturers approach.

I contracted with a supplier but they have subsequently been taken over and I’m no longer happy with the products or services. Am I likely to encounter this with BMC Equip?

While no one can plan for every eventuality, you can be assured by our position as a stable and well-funded leading IT company with over 40 years of private ownership. This is why companies such as Iceland, TK Maxx and Primark remain loyal customers’ year after year.

My operations teams are complaining that stores are being affected by high levels of hardware failures, but I was told the equipment had a low failure rate. How do I safeguard against this?

Unless you know the source of where the units are being manufactured then there is a strong possibility that the production is outsourced often over several factories as this offers the cheapest way to manufacture. Whilst one factory may be good, the others may vary, so this introduces an element of uncertainty. All BMC Equip POS is built at specific chosen factories, where production quality is paramount - after all, we support the tills we sell!

Spare part costs to keep my equipment functioning cost more than the original purchase price of the POS units. How can I avoid this in future?

Typically, the cost of spares can be very high and even if a longer warranty is offered the “chargeable” repairs due to damage etc will be expensive. BMC Equip pre-agree the cost of all spares with the manufacturer as part of the overall hardware set up and evaluation process, reducing spares costs dramatically.

My software doesn’t work on the latest batch of tills I’ve been sent. Why is this?

Unless the Motherboard is designed and manufactured in house then there is a real risk that this will be bought in from a third-party supplier as a part. Consistency in this area is critical as even small manufacturing changes can cause issues with the software necessitating a new Gold Image Build. All BMC Equip tills are built from dedicated in-house manufactured motherboards, to ensure consistency. Additionally, our manufacturers use internal design and development meaning new software and drivers are available at every stage.

I'm being told my POS is already end of life. How do I extend this next time?

Ensure your suppliers define the life expectancy of the POS units. All BMC Equip supplied units are supported for a minimum of 5 years and spares are available well beyond this point subject to processor availability.

Never worry about end of life again

fully responsive

Can your supplier tick these boxes?

Specialists in bespoke hardware solutions for over 40 years, many of our well known high street clients have been with us for decades, and here's why!


  • Choice of warranty options
  • Total cost of ownership modelling
  • Fully scalable deployment
  • Minimum 5 year spares availability
  • Image and build capability
  • End of life management
  • Impartial advice on what works
  • Pan-European Support
  • Proven elite service capability
  • Custom and bespoke solutions
  • Fair costing on parts replacement
  • Extended lifecycle management


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